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A wallet is a personal thing. Not only does it literally hold your identity but it speaks volumes about who you are as person—organized, messy, prepared? Here are some tips for picking the right wallet.

1.  Choosing the right wallet should go beyond simply deciding which looks the coolest. Consider your daily life; if you wear jeans most days, then go for a small bill-fold. If you wear suits, try a tall wallet in a traditional classic colour for a more sophisticated style.

2. Dump the store loyalty cards and choose the daily essentials to slim down your pocket. If you buy a big wallet, the chances are you will fill it. Scale down your operation with this flat side opening card holder where cash and receipts can be stored in the middle.

3. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are a must for most but ask yourself if you really need a coin section. This compact bill-fold wallet is large enough to hold a £50 and 6 cards. 

4. Consider scaling down your bill-fold to prevent pockets bulging with unnecessary junk. Its constantly in use so celebrate this classic wallet design and choose from a vast array of colours. 

5. Choose the leather carefully. Just because a leather is soft doesn't mean to say its better quality or more suitable for the job. Quite the opposite really, especially for wallets. Why not consider traditional English bridle hide. Part of the beauty of this leather is the ability to take on character over time, and nothing shows a beautiful patina like natural leather over the years.

6. MAKE IT YOUR OWN - Sage Brown’s collection of leather wallets can be personalised with embossing. Embossing embellishes the leather by indenting initials or wording through pressure. We offer blind embossing (no colour), gold or silver in a choice of two fonts - Helvetica or Times New Roman.

7. Texture makes a real statement. Choose from smooth, crocodile, saffiano (criss cross texture) or woven leather in classic and contemporary colours to suit your style.

8. Colour is also an important decision to make. Match it with your favourite accessories or go for a contrast.This two-tone tall wallet is the perfect solution.

9. Calf leather isnt the only option. Think about genuine skins like ostrich, lizard and crocodile for the ultimate luxury.

10. SageBrown probably has the largest independent wallet collection in the UK. View our Men's Leather Wallet Collection and select from a vast array of styles, colours and textures. If you cant find what you're looking for then we offer a bespoke service, satisfying even the hardest to please.

View our full leather wallet collection here.

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