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SageBrown would like to introduce you to Mr. William Bennett, known to all his friends as Bill. He's an expert in the art of personalisation and although he looks a bit scary in this picture, and supports Chelsea, no job is too small. 

He began his personalisation business in 1985 from a small retail counter within Grays Antique Market in the heart of London's West End. Initially he specialised in free-hand engraving and then diversified into leather embossing, establishing many regular clients. He states “We have very loyal customers from all around the world who come back year after year as our quality is second to none.”

 Due to his work ethic, quality and expertise, SageBrown are pleased to offer a bespoke personalisation service to make your products truly unique. Whether you choose to engrave your name onto the handmade brass locks of our briefcases or portfolios or emboss your initials onto a wallet or purse, you can create the perfect personalised gift, even if it is to yourself.

Most of SageBrown’s collection of leather gifts can be personalised with embossing. Embossing embellishes the leather by indenting initials or wording through heat and pressure. There are two fonts to choose from- Times New Roman and Helvetica and three colour options to choose from.

 1. Blind embossing - There is no colour, just the leather, but it may appear darker due to the heat stamp.

 2. Gold – adds a classic touch

 3. Silver – a contemporary style

 First, choose your font and decide whether you want initials or wording. There are various sizes to choose from and we use Bill's expertise to decide this according to the item. The letters are then arranged and placed onto a heated block and secured in place with screws.

 This heated block is then put into the machine and lined up to emboss in the correct location. We suggest the location of the embossing on our web site, however unless stated we use Bill's discretion to determine the best placement of the lettering according to the product which is then clamped down to stop any movement during the embossing.

If silver or gold embossing is your preference a sheet of foil is placed in between the letters and the product and the heat and weight melt the foil into the indented letters. The foil is then peeled away to leave the coloured letters. 

 Ta Dahhhh...... Here's the finished article!

 So if you would like to choose embossing to personalise your gift, all you need to do is go to our website:

Choose your gift, select the personalisation option and follow the simple instructions that guide you to add all the information we need to get the job done.

Please make sure you check all spelling, grammar and punctuation as we cannot accept returns of products that have been personalised. Due to the textured surface of our saffiano, crocodile and ostrich leathers, small breaks may appear in the silver and gold foil stamping. Please note that it's not possible to emboss onto patent croc textures.

Kindly allow an additional 5-7 working days for personalisation.

Any specific requirements should be discussed with our Customer Service Team prior to placing an order. We are here to help.

Tel: **44 207 2875757

 For more information please go to the SageBrown Personalisation Page on our web site.

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