Man Bags

Do a Google search for "man bag" and not only does it come up with "puffy swelling under the eye after a boozy night" but "small handbag or purse carried by a male".

Man bags, in their various guises, have now become an acceptable accessory for the Metrosexual male, along with murses (guys purses), manliner (or guy liner) and the infamous mankini ! The list of celebrities, old and young, who support these trends is growing fast and whether you love them or hate them, they are now becoming a way of life.

Just look how confident and stylish Hugh Jackman and Beckham are walking with man bags slung over their shoulder. They are just two celebrities that have embraced this fashion and have proved that handbags are no longer just for women. 

These days, there is far too much stuff to carry in your pockets. Phones, tablets, chargers, headphones, glasses, wallet, keys are all essentials, and men are learning just how important it is to have a good bag to carry them in.

Modern manbags generally have a compartment built especially for gadgets, and they have a space for documents and your other valuables and these are fast becoming an alternative to the traditional briefcase.

SageBrown have identified that this trend is here to stay and realise that they are a necessity and don't have to be fancy and feminine. They stock a vast array of luxury leather man bags from hand-held to messengers. Here's some of their favourites and what some of their customers say:

 " This hands-free bag is discreet and is great for work but it still looks good if I go from the office straight out for dinner. It's the perfect size to carry my laptop and charger as well as a note pad and phone."

 "I bought this bag three years ago and it still looks great and has aged really well. I travel a lot with work and this is ideal to store my passport, documents and cards as well as my phone and essential kindle" 

 "This bag has now replaced my briefcase and is large enough for my trainers as well as my iPad and usual paraphernalia I need for work."

Forward wind a few years and man bags will be a way of life, so popular that men may have more than one or two to go with different outfits! We might even be celebrating National Man Bag Day.

So, now is the time for gentlemen everywhere to Man Up and lay down your fears. Now is the time to embrace this trend and overcome your shame. Now is the time to sing from majestic heights and make bag carrying a reality for all men. Let you not wallow in the valley of despair. We have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and carry a man bag with confidence and pride. This is our hope.

View SageBrown's Leather Man Bags here

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