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With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 14th March – a little reminder for you!), we thought we’d celebrate by introducing you to two of our favourite Mums and best friends who also gave birth to two of our bestselling handbags.
Meet Charlotte Burnett (left) and Beth Morgan (right). Always cool and stylish these ladies are showing the youngsters how to celebrate an 18th birthday in style.

These two super Mums are the inspiration behind the designs of two of our most sought-after leather handbags, The Burnett Bag and The Morgan Bag.

The Burnett Bag - illustrated by @anyaartdesign

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The Morgan Bag - illustrated by @anyaartdesign

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Possessing a luxury handbag is every woman’s dream, let alone designing one! A woman considers her handbag to be one of the most valuable possessions and as we all know, a great handbag can really elevate your entire look. While fashion trends come and go, a classic practical handbag is one you’ll never regret purchasing. In this blog we interview these iconic women and get up close and personal to discover their fascinating stories on how these bags came to be plus a little peek inside their lives too. 

Meet Charlotte Burnett: 

When and where were you when you first put your designs down on paper?

Lounging on Serenity beach at Hillside Beach club in Turkey with my good friends, contemplating my vision of the perfect bag.

What was the inspiration for your bag design?

In the early 90’s I had this beautiful black mock croc 1950s style handbag that I remember taking to work at Vogue when interning, I always got so many compliments on it. The bag was the perfect size and could fit my mini filo fax, sunglasses, phone and lipstick but still looked elegant.

What’s the most important feature when choosing a handbag?

It has to have a bit of personality and style plus works with most of my outfits as well as fitting the essentials. I'm thrilled that it comes in a smaller size too and love the fact that they both have detachable shoulder straps to make them more versatile. Perfect for handsfree shopping!

What’s your favourite colour bag and why? 

Well, I just love the cobalt blue Burnett Bag as I always love to be prepared and sometime put my makeup bag in too. The colour is so vibrant and so "me", as I just love cobalt blue.

What do you put in your handbag?

At the moment I have my phone, gloves, purse, lipstick case and sunglasses in a beautiful leather case to protect them just in case.

What event are you looking forward to after lockdown and why?

I am so looking forward to seeing my family at my brother’s wedding that was postponed due to the last lockdown. I can’t wait to see my favourite brother marrying his fiancé Victoria who we absolutely adore and seeing my daughters be bridesmaids.

Words of wisdom to fellow mums?

Relax and enjoy your kids, sleep when the kids sleep.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, leave the washing and tidying to play!

Embrace the fact you will never feel in control ever again!

How will you be celebrating your lockdown Mother’s Day or is it a surprise?

I envisage getting dressed up for high tea and bubbly with my gorgeous girls who I find hilarious, they are like a double act and make my mother laugh and smile which is wonderful to see.

Meet Beth Morgan: 

When and where were you when you first put your designs down on paper?

On holiday in a beautiful resort in Turkey in 2018

What was the inspiration for your bag design?

The stylish glamour and sophistication of Katharine Hepburn. She was a real style icon both in her time as well as today and always had a beautiful bag to accompany her stunning outfits. Something small and classic in inspiring colours that nestled perfectly on her arm. 

What’s the most important feature when choosing a handbag?

For me it's the look, beautiful and classic with real attention given to the little details making it stand out from the crowd. The fact it comes in three sizes means that the larger bag can be used for work as its big enough for a small laptop or tablet.

What’s your favourite colour bag and why? 

I love all the Morgan bags colours, there is such a beautiful array to choose from so it's really hard to choose a favourite but currently I am drawn towards the pink croc Morgan Bag. It is classic and beautiful with a surprising pop of cobalt inside. 

What do you put in your handbag? 

Apart from the obligatory face mask and hand sanitiser and my latest scent, Molecule, I also carry my ever-growing bunch of keys with a beautiful heart keyring given to me this Valentine' Day. I've recently downsized my purse and so my little matching purse is perfect for everyday essentials. Also my iPhone which is protected with a leather phone cover and a good old fashion jotter that also has space for a few store cards too. I also have a rainbow of beautiful bag tassels that I interchange depending on my outfit and bag choice. 

What event are you looking forward to after lockdown and why? 

These last 12 months have been so hard for everyone but if there's one thing it's taught me is that family and good friends are so very important, so once we come out of this I'm looking forward to organising a family and friend holiday. Whether that be in this country or overseas is yet to be seen but just to be able to spend time with those that are important to me and make me smile is top of my list. 

Words of wisdom to fellow mums?

Life is too short for putting things off. Wear that dress you love today, don't save it for best. Use your most gorgeous bag every single day if it makes you smile. Life is for living so make sure you live yours to the full and treat every day as if it's your last. 

How will you be celebrating your lockdown Mother’s Day or is it a surprise?

Well, it's also my birthday weekend so I I'm hoping that I will be at home with my family and that my son can come back from university to help me celebrate, fingers crossed there's a few glasses of fizz to help along the way as well. Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

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Mums really are amazing aren’t they? Who else would do your washing, cook you delicious Sunday dinners, pick you up every time you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on and still fuss and worry about you long after you’ve grown up and left home?

To show your appreciation spoil your mum on Mother's Day with beautifully hand-crafted Luxury Leather Gifts from our edit of Luxury Small Leather Gifts she'll cherish forever. Shop online with FREE UK delivery with the assurance that we take all necessary security and hygiene measures in the preparation and shipping of your orders. If you have any concerns about shopping with us or if you have any enquires please email us on or call and leave a message on 01223 300077 or you may also contact us via our social networks. You can also go to our Covid 19 Update page for more information.

In the meantime Stay Safe and we look forward to welcoming you back to our high street shops very soon.


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