Penny Pinching

Carrying coins has it's advantages and disadvantages. Paying for public transport, car parking, street entertainers, supermarket trolleys or paying for the occasional beer are made easier if you have a small stash of coins but it can be heavy, bulky, dirty and noisy.

This begs the question what to do with coins? Do you leave them to jingle in your pocket informing everyone of your every move or invest in a functional accessory to contain them? Finding the perfect purse is not as simple as some might think and is an age old problem for men and women. It often depends on your lifestyle, what you are going to put inside it and how and where you are going to hold or store it. The perfect purse can range from a cute little kiss clasp purse that sits discreetly in your handbag to something large enough for notes, coins and keys. Here we review some of the best selling coin purses on offer at SageBrown to help you make your decision.

This traditional horseshoe shaped coin holder is ideal for men and women in a choice of classic and contemporary colours. The interior has two sections with luxurious contrast suede lining. The largest section is used for coins which when tilted, spill out into the lipped rigid lid. The smaller pocket has a flap closure and can be used to separate coins or to store stamps for example. Perfect for those who like to be organised with coins, this luxury accessory can fit neatly into a pocket or be placed into the smallest of bags.

This classic metal frame "kiss" clasp coin purse is an essential for every woman. Choose from an array of colours to keep all your change in one stylish place.To open, simply twist the metal baubles at the top of the purse to reveal one large space to hold your change, all beautifully lined in sumptuous suede. A must have in any handbag.

This neat leather coin purse is ideal for keeping all that loose change from rattling round in the bottom of your pocket! Simply squeeze either end and the purse opens, let go and it "snaps" closed. There is a handy pocket on the front for receipts etc. and both pockets are lined in luxurious contrast suede. The perfect ‘everyday’ purse for all your financial essentials.


If you are looking for a solution to store keys and coins in one handy sized purse, then this is ideal. Handmade in full grain calf leather, it is neat and fits discreetly into your pocket, keeping your essentials in one convenient place. On the front there is a small pocket with a flap that is secured with a stud. The case opens along the top with a zip and has one compartment lined in scrumptious suede with a key ring and chain attached inside.

For those of you who want all your coins, cards and notes in one place then this handy compact wallet is ideal. Inside on the left there are three vertical card slots and a slip pocket and on the right is a vertical expandable coin pouch with a stud closure. The note section at the back is divided into two sections and is luxuriously lined with suede. This is the perfect example of a wallet that will definitely stand the test of time. You should be aware though that storing coins in a leather wallet is going to stretch and warp it considerably, meaning you will significantly reduce it's life span, not to mention it's style so keep coins to a minimum. View all wallets with a coin purse here

Handmade from soft calf hide, this timeless drawstring leather pouch is reminiscent of the Robin Hood days. Ideal to store anything from jewellery to coins, there's never been a better way to penny pinch.

All SageBrown coin purses are made from premium grade calf leather with either a smooth, full grain, saffiano (criss cross texture), or crocodile skin texture. The classic designs are available in an array of wonderful colours and often have a contemporary twist to bring them bang up to date. If you cant find what you're looking for, SageBrown has a whole section dedicated to solving coin solutions. View all leather coin purses here. You may also like to browse our Penny Pinching Pinboard.

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