Leather Care and Repairs

Leather Care and Repairs

Regular care of luxury leather products by SageBrown ensures that your leather items will age gracefully and last a lifetime. Our collection is made to the very highest quality, beautifully designed and superbly executed. As leather is a natural product, it is strong, durable and tactile and like skin it breathes and stretches.

Any flaws and faults of leather are natural characteristics as are the tones and smell. Over time, our leather products will age gracefully adding character and making them distinct and unique.

To help maintain your leather product, we recommend the following:


SageBrown recommend cleaning the exterior leather with a soft cloth and warm, mildly soapy water. Wring until the cloth is merely damp and wipe the leather in a light circular motion. Repeat using only clean water.  Allow to dry naturally.  Water based stains can be cleaned by rubbing the area with itself.  Do not touch the oil based stains as the leather will eventually soak up the stain and the stains will disappear.  A specialist dry cleaner is recommended.  Please contact us for advice before using products such as Vaseline or saddle soap as this may make the surface of the leather sticky, causing it to attract dirt and causing irreversible damage.  

Things to avoid

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or next to a radiator. Avoid high temperatures and very dry atmospheres.
  • Do not expose to very wet or damp weather and other similar conditions.
  • Do not soak the leather and avoid applying strong detergents.
  • Do not wash the fabric lining. 


When not in use, SageBrown recommends keeping your leather item in its soft, fabric bag in a cool, dry environment.

Do not store leather goods in plastic bags or other non-porous covers. If clothing must be stored in a garment bag, keep it open for ventilation.

Follow these simple guide lines and your product will last a life time.


What is bridle leather?

Bridle leather is vegetable tanned cowhide that has been finished with fats, waxes and tallow. It gets its name from what it was originally created for - a bridle - the straps on a horse's head, to connect to the reins. It is very strong and long lasting, but more importantly, it is very beautiful and naturally produced.

I have seen a white bloom or deposit on the leather, what is that?

Bridle leather is impregnated with oils, fats and waxes to make it strong, and keep it supple. The white deposit you sometimes see on bridle leather is tallow, migrating to the surface of the leather. The bridle we use is of the highest grade, and the oils, waxes and tallow are hand worked into the leather, to achieve a high degree of penetration.

Although we polish all Sage Brown bridle items at the final finishing and inspection stage, the whiteness will migrate back to the surface after a period of time. This is quite normal, and is a sign of the high quality of bridle we use demonstrating the degree to which the waxes fats and oils have penetrated into the leather (lesser 'bridle' leathers can have a finish sprayed on at the end of it's process).

The leather, if brushed with horse hair brush, will buff back to a beautiful shine. A cloth tends to wipe off the oils that feed the hide. The whiteness is a sign much appreciated by connoisseurs of leather.

Brass Locks

The traditional brass locks we use on some briefcases and portfolios are handmade in England using traditional methods. They are not lacquered and so over time and use they may tarnish. If this happens please use some brass polish, without touching the leather, and buff with a soft cloth to shine.


Briefcases, handbags, holdalls and portfolios have a two year warranty from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing or materials defect under normal conditions of use. Simply get in touch with our customer services team for more information or call us on +44 (0) 20 7287 5757

SageBrown accepts no liability for damage, defects or scratches caused by fair wear or tear and accident or misuse.