Here at SageBrown our aim is to create timeless designs at outstanding value for the modern world. We are always looking at ways we can be more sustainable as a brand and minimising the environmental impact of our operations. Outlined below are just some of the practices that are in place to conserve and enhance resources for future generations.


SageBrown carefully and responsibly source only the finest leathers and materials that are byproducts of the meat industry. It’s our upmost priority to ensure our suppliers conform to the relevant International Legislation.

Exotic Skins

At SagBrown we have a small exclusive collection of products made in exotic skins. We fully support the implementation of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.


All SageBrown leather goods are manufactured in small artisan workshops in the UK, Italy and Turkey. We are able to closely monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process whilst protecting the leather craft industry. Traditional skills and techniques are often passed down through family generations to create pieces that last through the ages.

Our Products

We value style and quality and believe that our products should be durable and sustainable. They are designed to last and to be long term purchases if correctly cared for.


We use responsibly sourced cardboard that can be fully recycled for all our carrier bags and gift boxes. We often package our products in cloth pouches to reduce the excess layers of packaging usually associated with luxury brands.


By monitoring our supply chain, we hope to ensure that the raw materials we source and our finished products are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

We pledge to track our carbon footprint going forward and work towards reducing our imprint on the environment.